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Please Read! Help Us Update Our Tech Library
  Author: Venturers TAC
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As we are working to update our main Venturers website, we would also like to get our Tech Library updated. Many of our members have contributed to building this library over the years to make it the valuable resource that it is. Now we'd like to ask you to help us make it even better.

Some of the articles in our Tech Library are several years old and were written before we had the capability to include pics in the articles, or were taken from discussions on our forums and no pics were available. If you happen to be working on your bike and notice any of the related tech articles are lacking pics that would help to explain the process, please try to take some photos as you do the work on your bike. You can submit them to to have them considered for inclusion in the library article.

Also, if you find an easier or better way to accomplish a task, feel free to write up a how-to article and submit it along with any pics showing how it's done. If any af your submissions are added to the library, you will be given credit for your work in the article.

Please be sure that all submissions are your own original pics or writings, as we do not want to infringe on any copyrights owned by others.

Thanks for helping out!

Last update: 09:09 PM Sunday, April 4, 2010

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