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RSV Trunk Mod (More Rear Seat Room)
After owning my bike for 9 years and logging nearly 80k miles, I did not know until recently that our trunks were set-up to allow for an alternate mounting location that ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2013-05-05 Views: 13389
Saddlebag Quick Removal Bolt Set
You can easily make your own quick removal bolt set for your saddlebags. No tools needed to remove the bags for service or cleaning.Parts needed for 1-bike are 6 ea. M6X36  ......
●●●● Last Update: 2011-06-04 Views: 10660
Solo Conversion RSV - Concept Only
Please note: The following ideas are a concept only submitted by Gary Mace. This has NOT been tried before. Do so at your own risk. But then please report back to us how ......
●●● Last Update: 2010-02-28 Views: 14938
RSV Winshield Bracket Mod
After all the posts about the windshield bracket plastic tabs that break,I made my own modification that works just fine. It took about six tries to get the bends just right,and ......
●●●●● Last Update: 2009-05-02 Views: 7340
RSV Riders Seat Mounting Bolt/Nut Size & Options
The nuts that mount the riders seat on the RSV are a commonly lost item. The tool size needed to remove or install the OE nuts is a 10mm wrench or ......
●●●●● Last Update: 2008-04-26 Views: 8019
I have always disliked how the crash bars move around on my 2003 RSV. As everyone knows they will flex forward and backward with great ease. When an RSV is dropped ......
●●●● Last Update: 2007-03-17 Views: 11294
RSV Trunk Lid Support Mod
After having the original trunk stay bend several times, I saw a post for replacing the original single stay with a pair of gas pressure struts. Few details were provided in ......
●●●● Last Update: 2007-03-15 Views: 9889
Raising The Bar for Comfort
  2006 Tech Contest Winner Raising The Bar for Comfort (The Novice Mechanic’s Guide for Installation of Flanders® Handle Bars) Introduction: Sadly, as we’ve all come to learn, the RSV (a ......
●●●● Last Update: 2006-11-16 Views: 17546
Tightening Loose Passenger Floorboards
Tightening Loose Passenger Floorboards After being moved up and down several hundred times, some may find that in time, their passenger floorboards seem to get loose and fall down even when hitting ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2006-04-30 Views: 6189
Honda Vent in an RSV Windshield
Installation of a Honda OEM Windshield Vent in an RSV Windshield If you’d like a bit more breeze in the cockpit of your RSV, you can install a Honda OEM Windshield ......
●●● Last Update: 2006-03-13 Views: 11894
Chrome Windshield Trim Tab Repair
As you know, the tabs on the back of the plastic chrome windshield trim break very easily. Most of us have broken at least one of them. Following is a relatively ......
●●●●● Last Update: 2006-02-04 Views: 9345
Color Rite Paint Codes
Color Rite Paint Codes 1999 Factory Color Factory Code Top Base Primary ColorSecondary Color Yellow Gray Met.Marble Silver 68000L 5930U5418U NoneNone 1999 Factory Color Factory Code Top Base Primary ColorSecondary Color ......
●●●● Last Update: 2005-11-22 Views: 8792
Adjusting headlight/passing lights
Q: What is a good way to adjust the headlight and passing lamps? A: Don\'t know if this will help ya out or not, but what I do is place my ......
●● Last Update: 2005-07-21 Views: 9047
Adding Windshield Air Vents
I\'m going to mount a Wing-type center vent in my windshield - getting hot these days in Iowa and I\'d rather ride with my armored leather on for safety. Also curious ......
●●●● Last Update: 2005-06-11 Views: 9965
Removing Side Covers
If you need access to the fuses or fuel pump on the left side of the bike or to check the level in the coolant bottle on the right side here\'s all you ......
●●● Last Update: 2005-03-15 Views: 13168
Fairing Removal Instructions
Fairing Removal Instructions Place the motorcycle securely on the side stand. Protect the front fender with a blanket or other covering. Remove the chrome front cowling cover by first removing its ......
●●●● Last Update: 2005-03-12 Views: 35959
How to remove drivers seat
This question comes up occasionally from new owners. I thought maybe this would be helpful. Also, I sometimes forget which way is loosening. :) There have been many reports of owners ......
●●●● Last Update: 2005-02-17 Views: 11215
Removing the Saddlebags
You will need a 4mm hex wrench to remove the bags. Make sure you have one with a good tip on it as these can be tight if they haven\'t been ......
●●●● Last Update: 2005-02-14 Views: 8558
Removing the Lowers
The only tools you will need are phillips screwdriver and a 4mm hex wrench. The right lower will need to be removed first as it overlaps the left one at the bottom under ......
●●● Last Update: 2005-02-07 Views: 13435
Hard To Open Saddlebag Latch
One of the most common complaints from new Royal Star Venture owners is that the saddlebag latches are hard to open. This is due to the fact that the latch mechanism ......
●●●● Last Update: 2004-10-02 Views: 8619
Rear Wheel Assembly Drawing
Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 7285
Front Wheel Assembly Drawing
Not Rated Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 4590
TSB M2000-008 Trunk Mounting Kit
Trunk Mounting Kit The bulletin number is M2000-008 and the part number of the kit is 4XY-TRUNK-CM-KT.  ...
●●●● Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 8740
Steering Head Assembly Drawing
Not Rated Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 5528
Steering Head Bearing Adjustment - Shortcut Method
Steering Head Bearing Adjustment Shortcut MethodCompiled from Forum discussions NOTE: Steering head bearing adjustments should only be done by a qualified and certified Yamaha technician. Should you decide to undertake this ......
●●●●● Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 14184
Steering Head Bearing Adjustment
Steering Head Bearing AdjustmentCompiled from Forum discussions NOTE: This adjustment should only be done by a qualified and certified Yamaha technician. Should you decide to undertake this procedure yourself, you are ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 7499
Fairing Assembly Drawing
●●● Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 8832

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