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Rear End Noise
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hi all
I have a 03 midnite venture and have a rear scraping noise. My buddy who has the same bike has the same noise. He has had his in the shop and they cant seem to find the problem. They have greased and adjusted just about everything on his and the noise seems to go away for awhile and then returns. That is part of the problem that it goes away and i am sure the mechanics think we are nuts. I am sure that other bikes have had the same problem as we bought our bikes on the same day and we are having this same noise. Our mechanics here in Burlington,Ont.,Canada are telling us they never had this kind of problem before. Hope you can help as our bikes are going in the shop on the 30 of  june and since they never had this before it would be nice to be able to tell them and then we can have our bikes for the long weekend. Thanks for all your help.



You guys could have dry rear wheel hub pins. If they get real dry, they sound like the rear end is gonna give birth. Dry rear hub pins can give ya a scraping or grinding sound too, as well as a clicking sound when goin real slow fowards or backwards. So the shops can check that. Dave!!!

Yep, like the other guys said, take the rear hub apart and lube everything.

Removing the snap-ring 

Clean off any rust or dirt and grease the splines and the pins.

Update: 6/11/2007 By Venturers TAC Team

Note that both the splined gear AND the hub pins must be lubed. The dry / rusted hub pins are normally the cause of creaking and popping noises coming from the rear wheel area. There have been many reports of shops lubing only the gear splines and failing, or not knowing, to lube the hub pins. This has resulted in repeat repairs and unnecessary replacement of many final drive components and rear wheel bearings that were not defective, only to find out later that the hub pins were the root cause of the problem. Many dealerships are not aware of this problem even though Yamaha has issued a technical service bulletin that deals with this very issue.

 The TSB number is M2005-015 which deals specifically with the Venture and RSTD. This bulletin also discusses inspecting the drive pin dampers in the wheel to be sure they are installed correctly. Some have been found not pressed into the wheel deep enough which causes binding and scuffing of the hub pins. Another TSB number M2005-017 is similar but deals with all shaft drive bikes and is a little less specific.

In the top picture that Tim posted, in the middle of that hub piece he is lifting will notice a bushing which the axle slides thru. Remove that bushing. It just lifts out of there.You will see a needle bearing inside which that bushing rides on. LIBERALLY lube that bearing while ya have everything apart. Then put the bushing back in. The tapered part of the bushing faces the outboard side of that hub. That grease seal rides on the tapered end of that bushing.Everytime ya have the rear wheel off for any reason, lube those two areas I just mentioned as well as the gear shown in the second picture which already has been greased. Those are the three components ya wanna do each time ya have the wheel off. Thanks for the pictures Tim. Dave!!!

Another shot of the hub pins.

The final drive splines.

Venturer #1007
RSV MM Ltd. #166

In the last picture that Tim posted, you will notice the nuts goin around the outside of the differential assembly. There is an o'ring which seals the rear end oil from comin out between the two halves. Another gemtleman had a question on an oil leak back there and that is the part I was talkin about to check. Again,good pictures Tim. I wish I could do that. Things would be a lot easier to explain. As the old sayin goes"A picture is worth a thousand words" Dave!!!

Pulled the Hub ...... making noise..... 

After a little ScotchBright Action.

Don Roden

You can see by the color of the pins in the first picture,just how dry they really are. Make sure the holes that those pins fit into are as clean as the pins are. LIBERALLY lube both the pins and the holes they fit into. Work the pins up and down,pull it back out,grease the pins again and do it again ,until you see a good coating of grease in the holes. Any excess grease that does come out and get on the center of the wheel can be washed or wiped right off. It will only do that until the excess grease has settled in. Don't forget to grease the needle bearin and the hub drive gear. Dave!!!

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