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Fuel Filter Questions
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Changing the Fuel Filter

I recently bought an '89 Venture & as part of routine maintenance I attempted to change the fuel filter. Any ideas or helpful hints on changing these things? I can get the lines off, but I'm unable to get the filter out of its bracket. I take it the filters don't just snap in or out of the bracket? What's the easiest way to get the bracket loose enough to get the filter out? Thanks for your help............SkanMan


On my 84, there is a bolt on one end and it pivots at the base, I think, then releases and comes off. So it is a 2-piece holder in actuality, which presses the filter between the legs to hold it in. NOT SURE ON THE 89........Hank Yerger

Fuel Filter Numbers

The OE replacement fuel filter part number for the Venture is 1FK-24560-10-00 as shown in the picture below.


Some owners have found aftermarket alternatives that can be used also. One of these options should be easily found at your local auto parts store and may save you some time and money over the dealer part.

Wix 3304
NAPA 3011
Purolator F 100 24
AutoZone FF3330 (luber-finer G478) (has a metal body)
NAPA Gold 3007 (has a metal body)

Late-Model FirstGen Fuel Filter Replacement

I 've only replaced my filter once so far but I found it pretty simple on my 92. I turned off the gas at the bottom of the tank. I fiddled with the hose from that side as it leaves the tank and bent down a routing clip. That gave me enough extra hose to be able to pull the filter out from the other side. Before I pulled it out I removed the Phillips head screw beneath it and it came out with part of its holder. It only came out far enough to charge it right there. The I just reversed everything and reclipped the hose and turned on the gas. I doubt it took over 20 minutes..........Tom Baumen


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